Day 19 - Artist: Senses Fail 

As if the photoset of them through the ages wasn’t an indicator, Senses Fail mean a lot to me. When asked who my favorite band is, they have been the answer since I was 15. No matter what happens or who else I’ve listened to in the last 8 years, they can’t be overthrown. I don’t know if it’s more nostalgia, loyalty, or genuine love. I’ve talked a lot about how I’ve grown up with some of the bands I’ve mentioned during this challenge so far, but by far this band have always been there for me. 

I was 14 years old the first time I heard Senses Fail. Oh those Drive-Thru Records samplers hahaha. The first song I heard of theirs was Free Fall Without A Parachute and about a month later one of my best friends made me a mix cd with Bloody Romance on it. I bought myself the From The Depths Of Dreams EPwith birthday money that year. I listened to that EP like it was my job. I was beyond excited when I found out they’d be at  the warped tour date I was attending that year. That was my first time seeing them live. They opened with Steven and I was so happy I literally felt like crying. It was ridiculous. I almost felt like a teeny bopper. I didn’t cry, but I did realize that the emotional reaction I was having was probably due to the fact that they were my favorite band. I was right. 

At the beginning of my sophomore year of high school they released Let It Enfold You. I counted down the days to that release and had even convinced my sister to drive me to best buy on the release day, so I could buy it. The day before the release, I turned in a project for my World History class the teacher had us do that described our interests. I put Senses Fail on my collage. That teacher had no life and looked them up and told me to redo my assignment with something more appropriate and wanted to meet with my parents because she was concerned about what I was listening to and how it was affecting me. Luckily, my parents knew me better than that/that I wasn’t so easily swayed by everything I was reading and listening to. Either way, that hobag teacher ruined my plans and I didn’t get to pick up the album till a week later. I wish I could see her again and be like “Look how well adjusted I am for listening to such ‘inappropriate’ music, oh and everyone hated your class. How do you like them apples?” 

I saw Senses Fail live a few more times in between Let It Enfold You and Still Searching. I pre-ordered Still Searching. It was during the beginning of my senior year of high school. I got it the weekend before the actual release day. A lot of my friends were disappointed by it, but not me. I listened to it non stop. I took it to school and listened to it before class, in class (depending on how observant the teacher was), after school, while I was eating, and before I went to bed. Literally all of the time. I remember sitting in my english class, with one earbud in to listen to the music and my other ear free in case I was called on, and just reading the lyric book as I listened along. I was so in love with that album. I was going through one of my bouts of religion induced exploration/confusion and there were a few songs that were the perfect soundtrack to that period in my life. 

Then I went off to college and one of my roommates liked them too. It was awesome. She went with me to see them in Orlando when they were on tour with New Found Glory. Funnest of times. Yes, I know funnest isn’t a word BUT IT SHOULD BE. Any who. That first year of college was ridiculous times and Senses Fail got me through it. Foreal. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s no joke. Throughout high school and the following years, I learned that they have this calming effect on me. If I’m freaking out, I just listen to them for a little while and everything starts to die down and feel better.

In particular, there was one night where listening to them literally kept me from falling apart. I had just been dumped and I was not taking it well. It had been a really hard day for me. I was just spent/exhausted. As tired as I was, I couldn’t sleep. How wonderfully cliche, right? I laid in bed for about an hour before I decided that sitting with my thoughts would never put me to sleep and that I should probably listen to something to lull me to sleep. I chose what I thought would be perfect. I was so wrong. Then I remembered all those times before when Senses Fail worked for calming me down. They weren’t exactly bedtime type of music, but I gave it a shot. I put on Still Searching and was out before I can remember hearing Calling All Cars. 

A couple of months later Life Is Not A Waiting Room was released. I went and bought it at my local record store the day it came out. I remember listening to it for the first time with my best friend in her car. I didn’t connect with it as quickly or as strongly as I did with Still Searching, but I loved it on its own nonetheless. By the time The Fire came out, I had just moved back to California after a whirlwind affair with attempting to make it in New York City. That album came at a good time. I was at a time in my short life where I was feeling really defeated/depressed and that album helped just like its predecessors had at other points of my life. 

What it boils down to. I’ve listened to Senses Fail when I was an insecure teenager, a less insecure young adult, and the somewhat confident mid twenty year old I’m transitioning into as we speak. When I didn’t believe in God, when I wanted to believe in God, when I struggled about other’s beliefs/practices in their faith of God, to my current renewed faith in God. When I was single, when I had crushes, when I hated boys, when I was in relationships, when I wanted no one, and now when I realize what type of person I want to end up with in the long run. When I was working as a babysitter, as a pizza maker, as a stage hand, a full time college student, a cashier, an intern, a bra/underwear salesgirl, a hostess, and now during this whole production assistant/tv industry adventure. When I moved across the country for the first time; when I moved up the country; when I moved across the country again, and again to where I am now in New York City. When I was happy, sad, apathetic, depressed, indifferent, or having an even mixture of good and bad days but knowing it will all be alright either way. When family members died, were born, when friends passed away too soon, and new ones came into my life. When my cousin went missing. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer. When my dad was declared cancer free. I’ve always listened to them and I probably always will. They’ve done for me what some people who are actually in my life have never been able to do, be there without judgment or disappointment. 

Thanks a million members of Senses Fail past, present, current, and future. Hope I see you guys again soon. 

Favourite Song(s): Free Fall Without A Parachute, Bloody Romance, One Eight Seven, Handguns and Second Chances, Lady In The Blue Dress, Buried A Lie, Slow Dance, NJ Falls Into The Atlantic, Angela Baker And My Obsession With Fire, Can’t Be Saved, Calling All Cars, To All The Crowded Rooms, The Priest And The Matador, Family Tradition, Hair Of The Dog, Yellow Angels, Map The Streets, Saint Anthony, Landslide, Hold On, Waves

Favourite Album: Still Searching 

Favourite Lyrics: 

  • So paint the pale white floor with, with my red life
  • I shut the door and turn all the lights out, and listen to all the songs that the night shouts
  • And to all of you dancing, just don’t be afraid to fall

Seen them live: Sure have. I’ve seen them 10 times and met them on 4 of those occasions. They were always really nice to briefly talk to/get a picture with and the shows were always a blast. 

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